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...lover, oh lover have you brought me gold...

Posted on 2004.08.18 at 19:18
I'm Feeling: creativecreative
What Music They Make: ...mark:gallows tree...
i began school yesterday. it rocks me. truly. english seems okay. i am not sure if i am going to be all about it or not. astronomy is cool and the teacher is so funny. he is great. then i have anthro. omg. i am in love with that class. the prof is one of the best guys ever. i started reading his book last night...crazy shit. i am totally going to try and go on a spirit journey. i think everyone should read 'spritwalker' by hank wesselman. he is my fav prof ever. and in my math class i have shahera. i miss her so much but now we get to hang out.
i talked to jonny last night on the phone for about two hours. that was great. he hs hobbit feet. lol. and we all know how much i love those.
i would like to state here and now that i heart rightclicklick. and i heart that the new theme is guys smoking. oh my guh! it is almost too hot to handle. i kid you not. is it wrong that i find guys smoking so great? it is such a filthy habit but some guys...it just makes them look that much hotter. i also just read that apperntly my beloved joaguin phoenix is going to be playing johnny cash in a movie. fuck my ass. AND he is going to be doing all the singing. excuse me, i need to go die in a puddle of drool somewhere. joaquin has always been a love of mine but as of late the obsession has become majorly intensified. the same goes for johnny depp. so sexy. so of course i have now joined some new 'daily' communites. i swear. mmm. more pics for hot icons. i am such an addict. i think i am going to try and do some homework. but i think i am going to read. or collage. or make some new uber sexy iconses. it all seems fun.

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