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...ron weasley is my best friend...

Posted on 2004.07.17 at 19:03
I'm Feeling: ecstaticecstatic
What Music They Make: ...hatp:the weasle...
this weekend rocked my life. before we left i got a new barbell, so now it is cute and small. i love it. later annette, smelly, and i went to my gmas to stay the night. friday we picked up sarah and drove to s.f. to see harry and the potters. we got to s.f. in really good time, but then we couldn't find where we were supposed to go. it was horrible. we drove around for an hour screaming and being terrified. the streets were scary and hella people almost hit us. lame. finally we found the place. we parked and since we still had an hour before the show we decided to go grab some lunch. when doing so we saw an older guy wearing a seeker shirt and found out he was going to the show as well. after eating we went back to get good seats. there were a lot of little kids there, i guess i should have expected that, and they got the first two rows of seats. we sat in the third row. i think most of the people who attended, not counting parents, were younger than us. oh well, we are too cool for school. people just need to realize we rock. hehe. so the guys came on and well, it was the best thing ever. i almost died, like eight times over. fantastic music and the guys themselves are so attractive. i can't put into words how much i loved the show. i must have had perm-a-grin the entire time. lol. seriously. i am totally in love right now. such the boyfrieds. i liked them before but seeing them live just made the love tenfold. they are some of the best performers i have seen. and i have seen a whole lot of live shows, believe me. plus now, i actually have both the cds. so now i can listen to them all i went, whenever i want. so great. the cds were also signed by the guys. that makes them even better. i got two shirts as well. one says 'save ginny' and the other is 'rock the library.' and i got two buttons. very cool. or very nerdy. but with me it seems the two things are interchangable. i think we all enjoyed the show to the fullest. on the way home we decided to make jackets that say on the back 'dumbledore's army' and 'hatp.' these jackets are going to be the best. they will be punk rock. d.i.y., even. all in all, hatp makes me one of the happiest people ever. honestly. in other news i had fun chillin with smelly and annette at my gmas for a few days. i got the new, cool blue-black hair dye. so i am going to change my hair color soon. i have less than two weeks of summer school left. i can't wait for it to be over. i miss just going to school on tuesdays and thursdays. plus i am really excited about my fall semester classes. and i will have a class with smelly, that will be uber cool. right. okay then. i think i am going to go do some more college research and work on a new lj layout.
on my birthday i get to see harry potter on imax. how rocking is that? i know. everyone is envious.

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