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...a daughter of the storm, astride her favorite nightmare....

Posted on 2004.08.26 at 18:53
I'm Feeling: blankblank
What Music They Make: ...cof: thirteen autumns and a widow...
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oh man. that is so hot. i am totally cool with that. i got home from school a bit ago. two days of school a week is so hard to get through. lol. i went shopping yesterday and bought hella shit. like the shirt i wore today that said 'i stalk you because i love you.' omg. isn't that great? i think i am going to make a photo post tomorrow or something of my cool new stuff (because i think i am going shopping tomorrow as well). school was actually somewhat rewarding today. my english prof read of some thesis statments and she said mine was the best. i rock! also brooke inspired me to really try and get some of my tasty smut published. i think that would be beyond great to get a wide auidence to read my stuff, even if it is smut...lol. it made me sad that the one boy wasn't in math today but shahera and i decided that when we have perminant groups it has to include her, the boy, and myself. very excellent. my cousin let me burn a cradle of filth cd of his...so now i have a new one. mmm. they are so sexy. man, i still wish to learn how to play drums. i am thinking about checking out lesson prices, but i don't know anyone with drums for me to play. jerks. i may still do it. i just want to play. i want to be like witch baby. i am also thinking about getting some new ear piercings. who knows. i'm a wild one.

"I must avert mine eyes to hymns
For His gaze brings dogmas to my skin
He knows that I dreamt of carnal rites
With Him undead for three long nights"

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