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...paint all the days blue but save one for black...

Posted on 2004.08.05 at 00:02
I'm Feeling: sadsad
i was back at school for fall semester but i was really late. i ran to astronomy class, because i had been late the past few times and i felt really bad. i thought the teacher hated me for being late. i get into class a few minutes late but the teacher wasn't there yet. then he walks in. and the teacher is a guy who looks exactly like remus lupin from harry potter. he talked for a bit then led us to a park for some kind of field trip. when we were walking this girl began talking to me. she was telling me how she got scars on her body before the act that scars her actually happens. she freaked me out so i went to go find the teacher. i found lupin crying by a window and went to comfort him. i wrapped my arms around him and told him it would be okay. then i opened the window he was sitting in front of. with the window open i could see these beautiful hills with a wonderful house tucked between two of them. the sun was just right and huge clouds passed in the sky. it was so breathtakingly beautiful. i hugged lupin closer and thought about how beautiful life was. lupin told me he felt better. he smiled at me then kissed me. it was as wonderful as the scene i just saw. but then the scar girl and her boyfriend came up behind us and started to yell at us. they thought we were horrible for being together. they left and lupin promised me that we would always be together. then i woke up.
i did have this whole plan to write a fat entry about all the things that have gone on since my birthday and what i actually did on my birthday. but i guess i am over that now. i will recap some. my birthday wasn't all that great, things just didn't really work out. i did see poa on imax and that was cool. my presents that i got were pretty badass.
i am done with summer school. and now i am at my gmas. as i have been for a few days. tomorrow we leave for our family gathering at a lake, somewhere. we will be there for five days or so. i won't be able to be online for sometime. so i loaded up on new fic to last me. i know. i am a loser. things have been okay.
except for today.
i found out that my dad had to put my cat down.
so yea. while i am on vacation my cat dies. i felt so horrible. i couldn't even be there for when it happend. we have had her since i was three. she was about sixteen, that is a really long time for a cat but i just wish i could have seen her that one last time. my beautiful cat pandora is gone. i miss her. i hope she is happy. [sobs] i think i need to go to sleep. at least tomorrow i will be by water. that should make me feel a bit better.


kolumbia at 2004-08-05 10:14 (UTC) (Link)
pandora? *sniff* im sorry. she will be missed.
Mrs. M
drkwlf at 2004-08-09 20:49 (UTC) (Link)
yea. it sucks so bad. but i it truly hasn't sunk in because i haven't been back home yet. i miss her...and her name was panda.
dudester2006 at 2004-08-06 19:45 (UTC) (Link)
im so sorry des. it hella sucks to lose a pet. once again i am sorry my dear. i love you. *hugs* *big sloppy kiss*
Mrs. M
drkwlf at 2004-08-09 20:51 (UTC) (Link)
thank you. [hugs back] i needed that.
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