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...do you want to set the house elfs free?...

Posted on 2004.07.19 at 19:50
I'm Feeling: tiredtired
What Music They Make: ...hatp:spew...
today has been so long. i was at school this morning by seven o'clock. i went to go get coffee but the caf is closed until fall semester starts. i don't trust the coffee machines so i ended up with a soda for my energy boost. my math class was okay, except for the dumbass old ladies who are in there that make stupid comments to the teacher. they don't like the fact that he is 25 and they are 45. whatever. dumb hoes. these two girls came up to me and started touching my hair and telling me how much they loved it. (i dyed it blue-black last night, and i must admit it looks way sexy). it was kinda odd. after that i went and chilled alone listening to my hatp cds and working on my math homework. r.j. called me about noon and asked if i wanted to food it up with him. i of course jumped at the chance to be with him. so he came and picked me up and we went to brandon's house. brandon answered the door in boxes to let r.j. and i in. too bad annette wasn't there to see the hot. i ended up making r.j. a frozen pizza while he stood near me and told me how great i was. he was amazed i could find things in a kitchen and cook something that just required heating. lol. silly boy. i just told him it was because i was a girl. when other people had the pizza he asked if they liked his cooking. silly, silly boy. he is sad that him and i won't be having a class together next semester. that makes me sad as well. when we got back to school we took a test in film and then watched the rest of 'dances with wolves.' i like that movie up until he goes back for the diary. past that, i hate it. so lame. but i do love wind in his hair. he is my indian boyfriend. hehe. during our break r.j. said he smelled blood. then he leand in really close to me and tried to bite my neck. it was really, really, hot. seriously. i almost died because it was that hot. when i came home i chilled for a bit then went to the store. i got back and made dinner. oh it was tasty. now i am way tired but i feel accomplished. tomorrow i think i will make banana bread so r.j. can experince my actual cooking rather than my heating talents. last night i made two hatp belt buckle pics. they are way hot. the one i wore today is paul, being his hot hot self, and it says 'wizard rock.' i am proud of them. and attracted to them. lmao. okay. i think i am going to make myself a soy chai. mm. good. and if ever can't come up with a good movie ending just have someone smack someone else on the ass. top of line stuff. take my word for it.

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