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...i'm waxing down so that i'll go real fast...

Posted on 2004.07.06 at 14:58


cera412 at 2004-07-06 22:55 (UTC) (Link)
whoo hoo i hope you had fun with the strippers... well hell you girls are probably still there being molested and such. Sorry i couldn't go, i wanted to but i have been really sick as in cannot move so yeah i figured i would not have much fun . but we (you annette & me ) will have to do it again. Hope you had fun sweetie ... oh i have a gift for you from mexico, it is not much but i figured you would use it. (no, mexican boys did not pack well in my suitcase, sorry ) :)
Mrs. M
drkwlf at 2004-07-08 14:53 (UTC) (Link)
it was so fun and so hot. but my guy wasn't there and that made me sad and another guy was being a jerk to me. oh well. next time you HAVE to go. it will rock so hardcore. i hope you feel better soon. sweet! presents! anything you got me will be great. i do thank you. mm. hidden boys. lol.
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