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Posted on 2004.09.20 at 16:27
My Journal Is Friends Only.
Comment to be Added.

Posted on 2004.09.06 at 19:28
I'm Feeling: hornyhorny
Dom Monaghan Love! by sblomlvrgrl
Your Name
SECOND favorite color
Title of the song stuck in your head:
You will meet him:At a diner or pub of some sort.
He will say:" You should...Have a drink...Loosen up...DANCE WITH ME!!"
You will say:" You know what? I think...Let's dance!!"
He will look like:
Afterward you will:Get roaring drunk and make out all night underneath the stairs of a nightclub.
You guys will hang-out:Occasionaly, he waits every couple of weeks to see you to build up all the emotion.
Worst part:He keeps poking you. That ain't too bad.
Best part:You guys got married and you have one little boy and you are pregnant with a girl.
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i finally got my ears done! now i have hella homework to do... i luff dommie so much. this is so going to happen.


...it's like i swallowed half my stash, i never ever want to crash...

Posted on 2004.09.02 at 16:43
I'm Feeling: restlessrestless
What Music They Make: ...placebo:special K...
i just got home from school. hootie hoot.
i love smelly. honestly.
in our anthro class she wrote a H/D drabble for me. hehe. it was so hot. mm. sumtfic.
tomorrow i am going to get new piercings! huzzah!
now i just have to make sure someone is going to go with me. i will go alone if i have to but i would love to have someone there.
oooh. i am so excited about tonight.
a huge group of people are going to the drive-ins. plus...tyler might be going. i haven't seen him in so long and it would make my life to see him.
tonight they are showing all three indiana jones movies.
isn't that cool?
but sadly tonight is also the last night of the drive-ins. thet are going to tear it down.
we are going to try and steal the foozeball (sp?) table. rock on.

note to smelly-- you should move to london with me. it would be the coolest. really. we would hella rock that place. and have loads of hot brit boys. i would love it if we went together. so awesome.


...you're so very special, i wish i was special...

Posted on 2004.08.31 at 21:40
I'm Feeling: numbnumb
What Music They Make: ...radiohead:creep...
i started a new fic smut today, not fic, just smut. but that reminds me that i need to finish an h/d fic...
smelly....you need to read my other h/d fic. post haste!
which brings my to something else...i can't find any hot h/d fic. c'mon folks.
i want a hot werewolf boy of my own.
maybe even one that looks like the sexy man on my icon.
either way, i want a wolf guy that belongs to me.


...a daughter of the storm, astride her favorite nightmare....

Posted on 2004.08.26 at 18:53
I'm Feeling: blankblank
What Music They Make: ...cof: thirteen autumns and a widow...
Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:131
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oh man. that is so hot. i am totally cool with that. i got home from school a bit ago. two days of school a week is so hard to get through. lol. i went shopping yesterday and bought hella shit. like the shirt i wore today that said 'i stalk you because i love you.' omg. isn't that great? i think i am going to make a photo post tomorrow or something of my cool new stuff (because i think i am going shopping tomorrow as well). school was actually somewhat rewarding today. my english prof read of some thesis statments and she said mine was the best. i rock! also brooke inspired me to really try and get some of my tasty smut published. i think that would be beyond great to get a wide auidence to read my stuff, even if it is smut...lol. it made me sad that the one boy wasn't in math today but shahera and i decided that when we have perminant groups it has to include her, the boy, and myself. very excellent. my cousin let me burn a cradle of filth cd of his...so now i have a new one. mmm. they are so sexy. man, i still wish to learn how to play drums. i am thinking about checking out lesson prices, but i don't know anyone with drums for me to play. jerks. i may still do it. i just want to play. i want to be like witch baby. i am also thinking about getting some new ear piercings. who knows. i'm a wild one.

"I must avert mine eyes to hymns
For His gaze brings dogmas to my skin
He knows that I dreamt of carnal rites
With Him undead for three long nights"



Posted on 2004.08.21 at 12:55
I'm Feeling: soresore

My Your patronus is: is Siberian Tiger.
Take Reveal Your Ridden Harry-Pottery Patronus today!
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that is cool.
i just uploaded new icons. many of them are of guys smoking. good stuff. my throat kind of hurts and i think i may be getting sick. or am sick. something like that. i read a really good fic last night called 'the taming of sirius black.' i really liked it. a lot. i am really like sirius, even in fics. lol. i think i need to go read or something. i am kinda bored.


...lover, oh lover have you brought me gold...

Posted on 2004.08.18 at 19:18
I'm Feeling: creativecreative
What Music They Make: ...mark:gallows tree...
i began school yesterday. it rocks me. truly. english seems okay. i am not sure if i am going to be all about it or not. astronomy is cool and the teacher is so funny. he is great. then i have anthro. omg. i am in love with that class. the prof is one of the best guys ever. i started reading his book last night...crazy shit. i am totally going to try and go on a spirit journey. i think everyone should read 'spritwalker' by hank wesselman. he is my fav prof ever. and in my math class i have shahera. i miss her so much but now we get to hang out.
i talked to jonny last night on the phone for about two hours. that was great. he hs hobbit feet. lol. and we all know how much i love those.
i would like to state here and now that i heart rightclicklick. and i heart that the new theme is guys smoking. oh my guh! it is almost too hot to handle. i kid you not. is it wrong that i find guys smoking so great? it is such a filthy habit but some guys...it just makes them look that much hotter. i also just read that apperntly my beloved joaguin phoenix is going to be playing johnny cash in a movie. fuck my ass. AND he is going to be doing all the singing. excuse me, i need to go die in a puddle of drool somewhere. joaquin has always been a love of mine but as of late the obsession has become majorly intensified. the same goes for johnny depp. so sexy. so of course i have now joined some new 'daily' communites. i swear. mmm. more pics for hot icons. i am such an addict. i think i am going to try and do some homework. but i think i am going to read. or collage. or make some new uber sexy iconses. it all seems fun.


...i want to make you feel beautiful...

Posted on 2004.08.16 at 19:43
I'm Feeling: lovedloved
What Music They Make: ...maroon 5: she will be loved...
i am dating jonny now.
it makes me happy.
i like him.
the other night we went out to dinner then went back to his house to watch kill bill. half way through we had to go to baskin robbins so he could lock up. i got some ice cream out of the deal so i was happy. then back to his house to watch kill bill. after a bit he drove me home and we talked in the car. we camr to the conclusion that we like eachother and are taking things slow and such. he opended my car door for me and walked me to the door. so cute. last night we went and saw the village (which i did like the move, it was just different than i thought it was going to be) after having some taco bell. he bought me an icee. that is always wonderful. hehe. we went to his house and watched nightmare before xmas then he drove me home and we talked. he walked me to the door and we hugged. i guess next time we go out there is talk of going golfing. that would be fun. so, yea. i have a guy. [le sigh] he is great.
and i have his maroon 5 cd. such the good cd.
i start school tomorrow. fun stuff.


...so forgive me love, if i cry in your shower...

Posted on 2004.08.09 at 22:26
I'm Feeling: sicksick
What Music They Make: ...alanis:your house...
i have a bad sunburn. i want to die. i wish someone was here to cuddle with me and rub aloe all over me.
i will update about my trip later.
this song makes me sad. i think i may write something using this as inspiration.
your house lyricsCollapse )


...paint all the days blue but save one for black...

Posted on 2004.08.05 at 00:02
I'm Feeling: sadsad
an odd dream i hadCollapse )
i did have this whole plan to write a fat entry about all the things that have gone on since my birthday and what i actually did on my birthday. but i guess i am over that now. i will recap some. my birthday wasn't all that great, things just didn't really work out. i did see poa on imax and that was cool. my presents that i got were pretty badass.
i am done with summer school. and now i am at my gmas. as i have been for a few days. tomorrow we leave for our family gathering at a lake, somewhere. we will be there for five days or so. i won't be able to be online for sometime. so i loaded up on new fic to last me. i know. i am a loser. things have been okay.
except for today.
i found out that my dad had to put my cat down.
so yea. while i am on vacation my cat dies. i felt so horrible. i couldn't even be there for when it happend. we have had her since i was three. she was about sixteen, that is a really long time for a cat but i just wish i could have seen her that one last time. my beautiful cat pandora is gone. i miss her. i hope she is happy. [sobs] i think i need to go to sleep. at least tomorrow i will be by water. that should make me feel a bit better.

Posted on 2004.07.26 at 18:46
I'm Feeling: fullfull
1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. When and how did we meet?

4. Do you have a crush on me?

5. Would you kiss me?

6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

7. Describe me in one word.

8. What was your first impression?

9. Do you still think that way about me now?

10. What reminds you of me?

11. If you could give me anything what would it be?

12. How well do you know me?

13. When's the last time you saw me?

14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

15. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?

Posted on 2004.07.25 at 19:07
I'm Feeling: weirdweird
Your Harry Potter Wedding by shimmerbaby
Soon to be:Mrs Remus Lupin
How he proposed:By serenading under your window at night.
Maid of honour:Luna
Objections:Trelawney predicted doom for your marriage.
The outcome:You had many, many annoying children.
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...love to think that you couldn't love another, i can't help it, you're my kind of man...

Posted on 2004.07.23 at 08:54
I'm Feeling: excitedexcited
What Music They Make: ...no doubt:bathwater...
happy birthday to me and daniel radcliffe!!! we are totally soulmates and are going to get married. lol. in honor of us being soulmates i am going to see hp at the imax today. isn't that grreat? yay! i am so happy. i love birthdays.

Posted on 2004.07.22 at 12:11
I'm Feeling: hothot

Adopt Your Own Boyfriend.


...do you want to set the house elfs free?...

Posted on 2004.07.19 at 19:50
I'm Feeling: tiredtired
What Music They Make: ...hatp:spew...
today has been so long. i was at school this morning by seven o'clock. i went to go get coffee but the caf is closed until fall semester starts. i don't trust the coffee machines so i ended up with a soda for my energy boost. my math class was okay, except for the dumbass old ladies who are in there that make stupid comments to the teacher. they don't like the fact that he is 25 and they are 45. whatever. dumb hoes. these two girls came up to me and started touching my hair and telling me how much they loved it. (i dyed it blue-black last night, and i must admit it looks way sexy). it was kinda odd. after that i went and chilled alone listening to my hatp cds and working on my math homework. r.j. called me about noon and asked if i wanted to food it up with him. i of course jumped at the chance to be with him. so he came and picked me up and we went to brandon's house. brandon answered the door in boxes to let r.j. and i in. too bad annette wasn't there to see the hot. i ended up making r.j. a frozen pizza while he stood near me and told me how great i was. he was amazed i could find things in a kitchen and cook something that just required heating. lol. silly boy. i just told him it was because i was a girl. when other people had the pizza he asked if they liked his cooking. silly, silly boy. he is sad that him and i won't be having a class together next semester. that makes me sad as well. when we got back to school we took a test in film and then watched the rest of 'dances with wolves.' i like that movie up until he goes back for the diary. past that, i hate it. so lame. but i do love wind in his hair. he is my indian boyfriend. hehe. during our break r.j. said he smelled blood. then he leand in really close to me and tried to bite my neck. it was really, really, hot. seriously. i almost died because it was that hot. when i came home i chilled for a bit then went to the store. i got back and made dinner. oh it was tasty. now i am way tired but i feel accomplished. tomorrow i think i will make banana bread so r.j. can experince my actual cooking rather than my heating talents. last night i made two hatp belt buckle pics. they are way hot. the one i wore today is paul, being his hot hot self, and it says 'wizard rock.' i am proud of them. and attracted to them. lmao. okay. i think i am going to make myself a soy chai. mm. good. and if ever can't come up with a good movie ending just have someone smack someone else on the ass. top of line stuff. take my word for it.


...ron weasley is my best friend...

Posted on 2004.07.17 at 19:03
I'm Feeling: ecstaticecstatic
What Music They Make: ...hatp:the weasle...
this weekend rocked my life. before we left i got a new barbell, so now it is cute and small. i love it. later annette, smelly, and i went to my gmas to stay the night. friday we picked up sarah and drove to s.f. to see harry and the potters. we got to s.f. in really good time, but then we couldn't find where we were supposed to go. it was horrible. we drove around for an hour screaming and being terrified. the streets were scary and hella people almost hit us. lame. finally we found the place. we parked and since we still had an hour before the show we decided to go grab some lunch. when doing so we saw an older guy wearing a seeker shirt and found out he was going to the show as well. after eating we went back to get good seats. there were a lot of little kids there, i guess i should have expected that, and they got the first two rows of seats. we sat in the third row. i think most of the people who attended, not counting parents, were younger than us. oh well, we are too cool for school. people just need to realize we rock. hehe. so the guys came on and well, it was the best thing ever. i almost died, like eight times over. fantastic music and the guys themselves are so attractive. i can't put into words how much i loved the show. i must have had perm-a-grin the entire time. lol. seriously. i am totally in love right now. such the boyfrieds. i liked them before but seeing them live just made the love tenfold. they are some of the best performers i have seen. and i have seen a whole lot of live shows, believe me. plus now, i actually have both the cds. so now i can listen to them all i went, whenever i want. so great. the cds were also signed by the guys. that makes them even better. i got two shirts as well. one says 'save ginny' and the other is 'rock the library.' and i got two buttons. very cool. or very nerdy. but with me it seems the two things are interchangable. i think we all enjoyed the show to the fullest. on the way home we decided to make jackets that say on the back 'dumbledore's army' and 'hatp.' these jackets are going to be the best. they will be punk rock. d.i.y., even. all in all, hatp makes me one of the happiest people ever. honestly. in other news i had fun chillin with smelly and annette at my gmas for a few days. i got the new, cool blue-black hair dye. so i am going to change my hair color soon. i have less than two weeks of summer school left. i can't wait for it to be over. i miss just going to school on tuesdays and thursdays. plus i am really excited about my fall semester classes. and i will have a class with smelly, that will be uber cool. right. okay then. i think i am going to go do some more college research and work on a new lj layout.
on my birthday i get to see harry potter on imax. how rocking is that? i know. everyone is envious.


...draco's dad is sexy when he is mad...

Posted on 2004.07.12 at 22:01
I'm Feeling: busybusy
i am all about draco and harry slash. hence the iconage. heh. anyway. i did mush researching on london schools today, just the tip of the iceberg i am telling you. this is going to be fun doing hella research. but truthfully i am enjoying it to the fullest. and i am all decided on my major, so at least i have that. mmhmm. i am a history major with focus on medieval europe. but really, what else could i have a focus in? this weekend is harry and the potters! yay! i love r.j. he is my favorite. he is so wonderful, he likes my hair. i think him and i should marry at some point. in film we watched sense and sensabitlity. i like the movie. everyone said it was crap but i find it great. alan rickman is so hot in that movie. he made me love him that much more. (i am sorry i have a sick love of alan rickman and wouldn't mind makingout with him). once again, i love r.j. he is...well, what can i say? i can't describe how much i love him or find him one of the greatest things ever. [le sigh]


...no one laughs about my ways...

Posted on 2004.07.06 at 15:18
I'm Feeling: amusedamused
What Music They Make: ...weezer...
i would like to say that i find it great the randomness of some fic challenges. such things range from 'smack my bitch up' all the way to, 'lupin's favorite cardigin.' that is just wonderful. nigga honestly. i also am finding myself suddenly into harry and draco fic. i am not sure what it is...but any way you slice it, it is really hot.


...i'm waxing down so that i'll go real fast...

Posted on 2004.07.06 at 14:58
I'm Feeling: anxiousanxious
What Music They Make: ...weezer...
so i just uploaded a bunch of new icons for myself. they are great...but basically all of them are harry potter. i am not obsessed...no. how dare you? strippers tonight! woot!! check out my great icon. oh and thanks to rakel i am almost positive i am going to london for school. at least i am going to set things up like i am. i think london is calling. and there i can either meet/get married to daniel radcliffe or some other hot brit guy. things will all work out.


...you can't take my best friends sister and get away with it...

Posted on 2004.07.04 at 14:53
I'm Feeling: boredbored
What Music They Make: ...harry and the potters: save ginny weasley...
My Best Friend is earthlytreasure
Our 38 common interests are: a knight's tale, angelina jolie, anne rice, aragorn, books, boys with sexy accents, cars, chuck palahniuk, disney movies in general, dominic monaghan, dominic monaghan's hands, donnie darko, dreams, eyes, fantasy, hands, harry potter, heath ledger, hobbits, johnny depp, jonah, lestat, lotr, merry, movies, music, orlando bloom, photography, reading, renaissance fairs, sirius black, swords, teen girl squad, tolkien, vampires, wicca, wings, writing
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Your love is...unique
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Your Husband Generator by Lady_Galadriel
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Your Icon is..... by d3athofs3asons
Your Name
Your Age
Your B-day
Your Icon Is....
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fics and icons. that is what i am doing now. i saw hp again last night. daniel readcliffe is my husband, savvy? yay our birthday is coming up! and harry and the potters are playing in sf soon. i am totally going.


jeffs party

Posted on 2004.07.03 at 15:09
I'm Feeling: amusedamused
onight i went to jeff's birthday party. and i decided to copy everyone else's livejournal instead of thinkin' of one to write myself. cause it was a ragin' party, and man, i can't even remember what went down, that's how crazy it was. there was moovies and ka-ray-zee stories of schoool, and more ka-ray-zee-ness so much that i can't even spell it right.

Posted on 2004.06.30 at 22:33
Ideal Date is Frost
Despite his frosty exterior, Frost is the needy and
warm lover you could only dream of. Hell hold
you by the fire, take walks with you at sunset,
or make-love to you until dawn. Frost is your
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What Merry Gentry character is your ideal date? (for girls)
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Posted on 2004.06.29 at 15:08
Kiss of Shadows: Laurell K. Hamilton by meredith_nicessus
Name or Username
Doyle was pleased when youjumped naked into koolaid!!
Nicca blew his load when youdressed as a naughty nurse
Frost laid his sword at your feet afterhe became king and father
Rhys gained his godhead after youhad fun in the shower! ^ ^
Galen fell to his knees when youkissed him with a tongue ring
Sholto slipped his tentacles in yourshirt and unhooked your bra
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this is just really hot. frost is my favorite. he should be my king, dammit.

p.s. if anyone has good fanart of frost or any other laurell k. hamilton characters, could you let me know please? i need some icons. thanks.


...i love to think that you couldn't love another...

Posted on 2004.06.17 at 21:37
I'm Feeling: sleepysleepy
What Music They Make: ...no doubt:bathwater...
monday i got fired from mervyn's, yup. fired. i got pissed. but fuck'em. oh well. i am a failure at life. i can deal with that. maybe i can work at better place. rather than merv's which was the devil. tuesday we went to the drive ins and it was hot. really. it was like 90 at ten at night. stupid hot sacto. i don't think it helped much that jeff and i hid under a blanket so we could get in for free. mep. all i can say about that night was 'do it.' lmao. there is this guy in my math class you sits in front of me and is beautiful. there is no other way to descirbe him. the other day we actually got to be in a group together and it was wonderful. i made him laugh and then i almost melted because of how hot his laugh is. he reminds me of a tiger. i can't say exactly why, but it is sexy beyond all reasoning. to wrap this up...
i got my tongue pierced...
you know you all think that it is super duper sexy.
the guy who pierced me was the same sexy ass guy who pierced my lip. and he recalled me. oh it was nice. i think him and i should date or makeout...whichever.


...pack-prey for the reams of verses and curses that haunted her dreams...

Posted on 2004.06.02 at 10:31
I'm Feeling: anxiousanxious
What Music They Make: ...cof:cruelty brought thee orchids...
i did get to see my gma this weekend. i work hella this week. but harry is on friday! i can't wait. i even got the day off of work for him. i am going to dress up as harry and everything for when we go. eurotrip came out and i really want to buy it. i am going to get a new cell phone soon because mine sucks all ass. annette is coming home today and i can't wait to hang out with her again. i miss her much. last night i went to work and it was really slow but it ended up being kind of fun. i got to talk with security jonathan a few times. he gave me the fitting room talk and showed me a pie chart he made on the computer of all the theft in the store. it was cute. is it sad that i find him attractive because he reminds me of someone else who i find hot? later he ran after some people stealing and burst through the door, kind of breaking it. i found that to be hot. later he talked to me about what happend. speaking of work...eep. i really need to get ready and leave for it. work, work, work. then i start summer school on monday. geez. okay. i need to go.


...remember when i moved in you...

Posted on 2004.05.18 at 13:01
I'm Feeling: artisticartistic
What Music They Make: ...rufus wainwright:hallelujah...
i made some new icons. they are all up for grabs. so credit, comment, and love them. that is all they really need. just as i need the quidditch goggles really bad. lol.





and these are mainly for annette, but i know we all truly love the sailor moon. lol.





...i treated you bad, you bruised my face, couldn't love you more...

Posted on 2004.05.17 at 15:53
I'm Feeling: restlessrestless
What Music They Make: ...bush: glycerine...
i am at home. all alone. kinda bored. i should be cleaning or working a bit on my final paper for history. mep. i like to put things off. it makes my life more intersesting. lol. i mainly wanted to update so i could show off my new icon. i heart lupin. i am in love with sirius and remus. maybe the actors playing them aren't the hottest, but that dosen't mean they can't do a good job. that is all i am saying. plus i don't think that the actors are ugly either. whatever. i just can't wait to see the movie. i need to see it. okay and here is a picture that is from POA, when he "embraced him like a brother."

like a brother

i'm sorry, but it really looks like they are going to makeout. and that is really hot.
well i should be going. i have a lot of puppy fic to read/write.


...the longest kiss, feeling furniture days...

Posted on 2004.05.16 at 16:02
I'm Feeling: excitedexcited
What Music They Make: ...bush:mouth...
it has been forever since i last updated. mep. even though i don't really do much, i have been busy. school is bascially over. i still have a few more finals but really not much at all. so that is that. my first year of college is over. it seems kinda crazy when i look at it like that. i get two weeks or so off then i start summer school. isn't that fun? i am going to take math and intro to film. hopefully it will be fun but i do realize this summer is going to be crazy busy and i am going to be doing way too much. but who needs sleep, right right? after summer school i will have a bit of a break before the regular semester starts again. i am already signed up for all my fall classes. my schedual is going to be: english, astronomy (in the north tower. lol.), anthropology of witchcraft, art history (this class is from caveman days up till the middle ages), and math. oh it will be crazy fun. lol. long days at school await me in the fall. but oh well. i have been working a lot. it is okay. i think it is a little better now that i found someone to some what like there. his name is ross. he is dreamy he is also kind of balding.he is 21, a frat boy, and smokes. he is also has twin, isn't that hot? he is a cancer as well. the major bad thing about him is that he already has a girlfriend. even worse is that she works with me at merv's. and i really don't like her. and no, it isn't just because i want her boyfriend. i actually never liked her because she is sooo stupid. last night i spent about an hour flirting my butt off with him while she was in the fitting room. he is just so hot i can't help myself. ugh. it sucks. but seriously, i just think he would be much happier with me. haha. that is just my hopes and dreams talking there. one of the hottest things about him are his hungry eyes. i know that sounds dumb, but sometimes his eyes tell you that he could jest rip you aprat. mmm. hehe. i do believe this warrants a le sigh. [le sigh] i am proud of myself for making a justin farren sound theme on my computer. now justin makes sounds for all my daily compie activities. hehe. in the past while i have seen van helsing and troy. both good soild films with hot, beautiful men in them. i apporved highly of each. my werewolf obssesion has reached a new high point. it has just gotten insane. but hot. lol. honestly, i like the wolfs better than vampires. crazy, huh? i dunno what it is. they are just sex. i rented many movies last night and one of them was 'an american werewolf in paris.' i will say that movie isn't the best, but hell there really aren't that many hot werewolf movies out there. sad, i know. wow. harry potter is coming soon. 18 days!!!! i am sooo excited! i am actually seeing previews for it on tv. so great. (also, ross is an hp fan.) i was also thinking about changing my username along with my journal layout. anyone have any good ideas? just, um, let me know. cheers.

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